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4 Reasons Marketers Should Embrace Instagram Over Snapchat

The race between Snapchat and Instagram might finally have a clear  winner. Adweek recently announced that Instagram Stories, an Instagram  feature considered to be in direct competition with Snapchat, now has  250 million daily active users—more than Snapchat's entire user base. But even more impressive than Instagram’s number of daily users is the  speed at which the app continues to grow compared to its competitor.

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4 Tips For Successfully Planning and Executing Your Editorial Calendar

Planning and executing on your content strategy doesn’t have to be a  headache, though. Here are four tips to create an editorial calendar  that will help you plan, write, and deliver your best content yet.

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Effective Social Media Ads: How to Leverage AI-Assisted Creativity

The power of social media continues to transform how brands engage their  target audiences. It's also placed a burden on them to be "always on."  And brands, for the most part, are responding to customer demand. Some 42% of customer service responses made through Facebook, for instance, are answered in the first 60 minutes.

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